Instructor:  Stephanie Swift

Community: Grades 4 – 6, Classroom Setting – Music room – After School Enrichment

Plan Creation Date: April 20, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:

Props/Music Resources: Anjali CD & CD player; Strong Voice Sheet; Drum


  • Intro – “What is strength?” Discuss 3 minute
  • Volcano Breath – “Think of something that you would like to bring into your life to help make your feel stronger. As you exhale, imagine this showering around you” Student led – 2 minutes


  • Mat 20 – Mountain to Mountain one time through with myself leading. Then student led. Compliments 15 minutes
  • Warrior I Challenge – Student leads posture while one keeps beat with drum. “How many beats should we hold for?” “Feel your strength in this pose. Imagine lasers shooting out of your fingertips as you ground your feet into the ground.” Compliments, then switch leaders. 5 minutes
  • Star – “Spread fingers like the rays of the sun” 1 minute
  • Warrior II – “extend through the top of your head” 2 minutes
  • Warrior I /Warrior II Challenge – “stand strong for what you believe like a warrior. Think of your strong voice; hear it saying, “I can do this.”” Student leader/drummer/ compliments 10 minutes


  • Tree – “stand strong” student led 2 minutes
  • Twist – “inhale and exhale slowly; begin to soften” 1 minute
  • Relaxation –“Picture a mountain, an eagle, water, wind. These things can all be strong but also soft. Imagine yourself strong and then allow yourself to soften.” Progressive relaxation. “ Notice your toes. Make them strong. Allow them to soften. Etc.” 5 minutes

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