Population/Setting/Length: Grades 4-5, School Setting, 40-60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: 1/30/16

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community


  • Chime – Class will be seated at desks. Begin lesson using the chime to bring group together. Ring chime once to gather the attention of the group. Ring another time, and ask students to raise their hands when they no longer hear the sound of the chime.
  • Belly Breathing – Demonstrate proper breathing and proper posture for the group. Instructor will lead one round of breathing, and then student will lead the next.
  • Mindful Moment Card – Choose a Community card and read it to the group. Allow them to share their responses with the group and think about what a Community means. If time allows, write the word, “Community” on the board, and write down their responses as to what it means to them.


  • Engaging Yoga Sequence – Have students stand up at their desks to begin movement. Guide students through the “Engaging Routine,” which will include the following poses: Mountain, Upward Mountain, Crescent Moon-Right, Crescent Moon Left, Upward Mountain, Dancer-Right, Dancer-Left, Forward Fold, Upward Mountain, and Belly Breathing.
  • Yoga Flow – Move students to an open space in the classroom. Move the group through the following poses: Roots-with eyes open and closed, circling right and left, Tree Prep, Tree, and Tree Circle- Ask the group to notice how their peers support each other through these poses.
  • Block Creek – Depending on the size of the group, divide the class into two groups. Guide them through the activity, “Block Creek,” using yoga blocks. Encourage students to use positive self-talk, such as,” I am strong,” or “I can do it,” or “I will try.” Allow them to try a few times-adding in another challenge at each turn, such as a blindfold, distraction, or changing up the position of the blocks. If partners or guides are used, ask the group to notice how they need to work together, in order to complete the task.


  • Sharing – Have students return to their seats. Ask them to share their thoughts about the active poses, and the Block Walk activity. Have them share compliments to each other regarding working together.
  • Discussion – Again, discuss the meaning of a community. Give the students the Community Circle writing activity, and have them share discuss those that support them in life.
  • Read the book, “Good People Everywhere” to the group. (In our area, this would be significant, as many children in the community lost their homes during Hurricane Sandy.)
  • Relaxation – End with a One Minute Relaxation- Using the story as a guide, as the group to think about the people who help them in the community, and how they work together to help each other. Ask the group to think about how they are part of a community, and what they do each day to help and support others.

Instructor: Jennifer Clearwaters

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