Instructor: MaryClair Birkemeir

Community: PE Setting, Grades 4-5

Plan Creation Date: January 5, 2009

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – Lying on Backs and feeling breath in the belly.
  • Hoberman Sphere – 1 student leading with Hoberman Sphere while the other students leads counting. Compliments afterwards
  • 30 second stillness – Imagine being a tree outside and watching all the children coming out to play around you standing very tall and strong.


  • One-Minute Exploration – Mindful Moments-grounding.  “Imagine being in an orchard filled with trees.  On the trees are your favorite fruit.  Pick the fruit and put them in a big woven basket.  Now imagine taking the fruit home and making a fresh pie with them.  Is there someone there helping you?  You bake the pie in the oven.  You can smell the fruit.  Now imagine that you sit down and eat a piece of your favorite pie, fresh out of the oven”.
  • Rock and Roll with Boat – Students explore Rock and Roll to sitting position 3 times, and then Rock and Roll to Boat for a 3 second pause


  • Witness each other’s strength in Warrior 1 – Students break into two groups and we witness each other’s warrior 1 posses, compliments after each group demonstrates.
  • Mountain to Star Pose – Students imagine lengthening out and sending all there negative thoughts right out there finder tips.  Then think of good energy you want to suck in through your finders, inhale, and come into mountain.  Imagine the new, fresh, good thoughts circulating the body. Repeat 3 times.
  • Mountain to Roots – explore roots.  Have roots grow deeper and deeper from the bottom of the feet.
  • Modified Dancer – balance on one foot at a time with eyes open and with eyes closed.  Imagine a loved one holding your standing foot to the ground.  Use positive self-talk: “I am strong.” “I am in control.” “I can do it”. “I can be responsible.”


  • Tree partners and Tree Circle – Start with partners supporting, and then challenging.  In a circle, feel each other’s support.  Add a forest animal to the middle and see how strong and still our forest can stay.

Listening and Stillness

  • Relaxation story with 5 things they want to see and a visit to a quiet grove of big, strong, deeply rooted trees.


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