Instructor: Susan Jepson-DeResta

Community: Grades 4-5 Boys ADHD Group

Plan Creation Date: May 31, 2011

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:


Belly Breathing with Hoberman sphere (student-led).

Volcano Breath, setting intentions for focused practice today (student-led).


Child: Feel the weight of your body as you relax into the floor. Picture a boulder that goes deep into the earth and imagine how heavy and strong it is.

Conflicting Feelings Exercise: Allow students to work through the conflicting voices of peer pressure and those of one’s own self. Write their initial comments down on the white board to prompt the students who are acting out the dilemma of whether or not to jump from the cliff into the water below. Discuss whether or not it is possible to listen to both voices and still make a wise decision. What does it mean to be “strong” in this instance? Emphasize how it can actually require more strength to not go along with the crowd in some situations.

Partner Pull: Think about how it is important to have balance when listening to conflicting feelings. Reflect upon how it would be if we only listened to one side, such as fear; or what would happen if we only listened to the impulsive voices or peer pressure.

Star, Upward Mountain, Crescent Moon sequence led by a student who has been responsible and in control today. Feel how strong your body feels as you activate your arms and legs in star pose, expand your toes and fingers as you envision shooting laser beams of light through them into the universe. Notice the strength of your core as you root down through your legs into the earth in mountain pose.Reach toward the sky lengthening your arms and fingers as you feel that same strength that is grounding you grow up through the top of your head, arms and fingertips. See if you can grow taller as you gently bend into Crescent moon creating a strong and beautiful arch sending a beautiful moonbeam across the night’s sky.


Guided imagery using strength theme while resting on back or in Child pose using the student’s suggested images.

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