Instructor: Cindy Happe

Community: Grades 3-6 Summer Care Class

Plan Creation Date: July 2012

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:

Warm up activity

  • Read “Everyone needs a Rock” and have them choose a rock
  • One-minute reflection: Notice how it feels in your hand. Is it warm or cold? Smooth or rough? What shape is it? Imagine where you think it came from.


  • Mountain (cued with bell): Listen to the bell as you feel your strong legs, standing tall…pulling your muscles to your bone. Feeling your shoulder blades come toward one another and your shoulders move down from your ears. Feel your chest expand open. Feel yourself as strong and solid as the rock you’re holding.
  • Belly breaths with Hoberman Sphere
  • Woodchopper (as transition to activation phase): Keeping your legs activated, bring your feet a little wider. Place the rock on the ground, and imagine you’re going to split it in half with a magic ax. Feel the strength in your arms and hear your strong voice as you exhale, swinging your ax down. Imagine your rock cracked open and inside is something or someone that brings you strength


  • Warrior II combined with Past, Present, Future: Holding the rock with your back hand, let a time come to mind that you needed to be strong. What helped you get through that time? (Place the rock in their back hand). You now have a magic rock that you can be reminded of what helps you to stay strong as you look toward your future (move gaze and rock to front hand). Remind about balance using what you learned from the past as you move into future, focus on present.
  • Transition to side angle: Feel your strong legs stay strong as you lengthen your arm overhead, expand your chest, feel the strength from your rock.
  • Transition to plank: Place rock beneath gaze. Feel the strength in your arms and your hands open like starfish as you gaze at your rock, remembering what gives you strength as you hold this position. Remind to breath.
  • Strong voice
  • Harassment Prevention


  • Prone position, lying on the earth, still like your rock (placed on their belly). Imagine again where your rock came from, and what or who it will continue to remind you of as you need it…feeling it rise and fall with your breath.

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