Instructor: Vickie Soli-Compton

Community: Grades 3-6, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 13, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Music: Star Wars

Lights: Off and shades pulled down. Use black lights if possible.

Lesson Plan:


  • Words – I have the the force. I will use my Jedi listening skills. I can focus my hearing like a Jedi.
  • Review Yoga Calm Rules – Treat yourself like a King/Like a Star Wars Top Ranking Jedi, Personal Space- Use your Jedi force field. (hands, feet, and body safe), Stay on your Mat- Stay on your Millennium Falcon or X-Wing Fighter (mat) and take off your shoes before boarding your space ship/base (mat), If a Jedi training move is difficult, as a Jedi Warrior I agree to say, “I can try and/or I am learning this.” Jedi Warriors do not use the word, “Can’t!” Be Safe-hands, feet, body, and light saber to self. During Jedi Training we agree to use our sense of hearing to build on our power of listening.
    Today we will be playing a really fun and new STAR WARS GAME (Archetype Game). After we do some breathing we are going to play the STAR WARS GAME. I’m going to count to five and you’re going to transform into a STAR WARS character.
    These are the four STAR WARS rules:
    1. It’s not ok to touch anyone else. Be Safe!
    2. You can’t yell, scream or run.
    3. You can make soft noises that your Star Wars character would make.
    4. No talking
    (If you break the rules you sit out for one round)


  • Volcano Breath – Use a light saber to demonstrate volcano breath. Ask for student volunteers. In Sitting or Standing. Choose between 1 and 5 volcano breaths. Give compliments, then ask the volunteer to use reflective listening back to the student giving the compliment. (I heard you say that I ______________, Thank you).
  • Belly Breathing – Lay down like Hans Solo in Empire Strikes Back when he is in carbonite. Now relax your arms and prepare for Darth Vader belly breathing with mouth sealed. In through the nostrils/nose out through the nostrils/nose. Notice the sound of your Darth Vader breath as you breathe in and out. Ask Jedis to begin pulse count to prepare for Jedi training.



  • Star Wars Game (Archetype Game) – Before we start the game who can let me know the four rules for this game?  Also Before we start the game I want you to pay close attention to which characters are easy or natural for you to play. Also pay close attention to which characters are hard or uncomfortable. I am also going to ask you after the game which one was your favorite to play. When do you think we need to use each character? When might it be dangerous or get you in trouble?
    Ask students to “Will you please spread out around the room, and get into a squatting position.” “On a slow count to five, you will transform into a Star Wars character (See List Below).” When I start the Star Wars music playing “Get ready to get into character and move the way your Star Wars character would move (visualize and become your star wars character).” “When I say Freeze, remember everyone must stop and squat again.” “I will count to five again and you will pick a new Star Wars character.” Start the Star Wars music and then count slowly 1,2,3,4,5. Let students stay in character for 2-3 min and then say freeze. Then recount to 1,2,3,4,5. Have students get into a new character for another 2-3 min say freeze. Repeat this process three to five more times. On the last freeze have students then get into a circle sitting cross legged on the floor. Use a light saber to pass around as a talking stick. This will signify who we are listening to. Respect the speaker (respectful listening- eyes on the speaker, voices off unless you have the light saber, and active listening) Ask students to share their experience? What was your favorite character? What character was the easiest? What character was the most uncomfortable? Give each student a chance to hold the light saber and speak. They are allowed to pass.


  • Child – Escape Pod, You are now in the escape pod and can relax your neck, hips, and back and you are safe. Take a deep breath into the top of your back/escape pod and breath out through your nose.
  • Belly Breathing and Relaxation – Lay down on your back. Like Hans Solo in Empire Strikes Back in Carbonite/Ice. Feel your breath inhale and exhale. I have the mental and physical POWER to keep my body in control.

List of Star War Character Ideas:
Emperor Palpatine – Head Evil leader of the Empire. Electricity from his fingers.
General Grievous – four armed light saber character. A vicious villain with hatred of the Jedi.
Jaba the Hut – Monster/scary self. Slimy, green crime lord.
Yoda – Highest rank of Jedi Counsel (King). Advice giver. Most respected Jedi despite his small size.
Storm Trooper – turned bad after order 66. Has armor for protection.
Clone Trooper – Good Solider. Has white armor for protection.
C3PO – Serious and anxious at times.
R2D2 – jokester and dare devil.
Chewbacca – brave and loyal.
Hans Solo – Brave and hero. A talented pilot. Also known as a loner.
Luke Skywalker – Courageous explorer-facing adversity. He was a poor farm boy who dreams of becoming a space pilot.
Princess Leia – Symbol of hope. Sympathizer of the Rebel Alliance who want to keep peace.
Obi-Wan Kenobi – Apprentice to Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and learning the ways of the force. Peace keeper and great judgement.
Ewok – The friendly and kind ones.
Darth Vader – Turns from good to bad and bad to good.
Jedi – peace keeper.
Wookies – Warriors.
Jar Jar – He is an outcasts from his people. The Jedi accept his goofy side.


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