Instructor: Katie Diez

Community: Grades 3-6, School Setting, 30-40 minutes

Plan Creation Date: December 30, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:

Diffuse in essential oil diffuser:  Tangerine or grapefruit essential oils


  • Pulse Count (seated) – “Take a moment to check in with your body. Count how many heart beats you feel in your neck. There is no right or wrong answer. Everyone in the class may have different pulse counts because we are all different and that’s o.k.”
  • Belly Breathing (seated) – With one student leading with the Hoberman sphere and another counting off a selected number of breaths. Ask the counter to pick a number between 5 and 10. Ask for Compliments for the students leading. The students can choose who they want to compliment them. Remind them to look at the person giving them the compliment and thank them.
  • Read Mindful Moment Card “Now close your eyes and take a moment to remember the names of all the people in your family. Think of aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas, brothers and sisters. Imagine them making a circle around you to help you when you are in need.”


  • Practice Body Activation and Relaxation followed by Mountain – “This is a strong pose. Think of someone who you want to be strong for today.”
  • Roots – With body activated and eyes closed, circle right and left. Notice how your feet help you to balance. “What are you circling around? Maybe there is someone who you would like to circle around to give support?”
  • Tree PrepNow imagine one or several of your family members or friends holding your right foot steadily to the ground. See if you can slowly lift your other foot off the floor. Switch sides.
  • Tree Circle Notice how your friends support you.
  • Tree – Now by yourself, feel that support as you come into tree pose by yourself.
  • End with Mountain Pose


  • Volcano Breathing – “Now turn that mountain into a volcano. As you let your breath out, imagine sending love out to your community and classmates.”
  • Seated Pulse Count
  • Mindful Moment Card“Think of all the people in your community that make your life better. You might think about the cooks, the people who collect the garbage, the teachers, the people who grow food, and the people in the grocery store. Think of as many people as you can. How can you show these people that you appreciate the work they do?” If there is time, ask for a few children to share their ideas.

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