Population/Setting/Length: Grades 3-5, School Setting, 45 minutes - 1 hour

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening


  • Name Toss – Start in a circle, play the name toss game with one ball, then with two. Switch to favorite animals, play with one ball, then with two, then continue silently. *must have eye contact with person that they are tossing to before they toss.
  • Belly Breathing with Hoberman sphere – Return to their individual mats. Discuss sitting like a king/queen, start once all children are making eye contact with teacher and the room is quiet.
    • Teacher leads through belly breathing with Hoberman sphere for 5 breaths, counting to show the timing
    • Student leads with a helper counting, leader chooses # of breaths between 5-10.
    • Compliments for the two student leaders


  • Roots/Mountain – (“Turning your attention inward to find your roots. Gently rock back and forth, side to side and in slow circles. Slow down your circles until you find that place where you feel rooted down evenly into the group, all edges of your feet firmly planted and holding you with strength in your mountain.”)
  • Cresent Moon – Emphasize the stillness and quiet that we experience when it is night time. (“This is our time to slow down. If we take a moment here, listen to your inner voice. There may be a lot of chatter, maybe judgment. Let those go, imagine placing them on a passing cloud, as you bring your attention to your breath. Count for 3 breaths with the drum.”) Repeat, 2nd side.
  • Mat 20 – Hold some poses that require some amount of struggle for a 5 beats of the drum such as chair, warrior, plank.  (“Turning your attention to your body in this pose. Where are you feeling this? Where can we relax? This is challenging but we can breathe through the challenge. Follow your breath. We don’t have to back away when there is struggle, we can soften into it.”) Repeat 2-4 times with student leaders. Invite 2 compliments for student leaders afterwards.
  • Partner Poses – Use these poses to practice listening to each other and following one another’s cues
    • Partner pull
    • Tree, pressing into each other’s palms
    • Mirroring Tree, encourage them to practice mirroring one another. One partner changing arm positions while the other matches
    • Boat: feet come together to hold this pose, younger children may also be able to hold hands on either sides of their bodies
    • Mirroring Boat: (same idea as mirroring tree)


  • Child’s Pose – (“Turning our attention inward, we slow down our minds and let distractions go as we listen to our own needs in this moment.”). 30 seconds to 1 minute of silence
  • Relaxation Pose/Progressive Relaxation – This will provide the children with an opportunity to check in with how they feel in their body in this moment, where they are holding tension and the difference between holding tension and releasing or relaxing the muscles in the body, and ultimately how to fully relax their body and mind.
  • Singing bowl to silence – Quietly come to a comfortable seated position, keeping eyes closed. Close eyes, ring signing bowl. Open eyes when the ringing stops.  Encourage the children to look around the room and make eye contact with their friends, thanking them with for supporting one another in practicing yoga together.

Instructor:  Kathleen Hicks

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