Instructor: Ilga Paul

Community: Grades 3-5, Deaf/Hard of Hearing students

Plan Creation Date: July 7, 2010

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

OT Frame of Reference/Goals: Input for vestibular system, improve balance, awareness of body in space, tactile sensory processing, oral language use, developing sense of belonging within general education classroom.

It would be ideal to have interpreter next to instructor. Students need to stand close to instructor and interpreter. When completing Tree pose, D/HH students may want to use wall for stability by having one hand touching the wall or buttocks are on wall.

Lesson Plan:


Volcano Breaths (5-7) followed by Pulse Count. D/HH student leads breathing by opening and closing sphere, chooses another peer to count


Students will take turns leading each pose, compliments are given after each student’s turn to lead.

Cat and Cow: Repeat 2-3 times. Focus on inhaling during cow pose and exhaling during cat pose.

Superman, repeat 2-3 times. Think about being strong and happy with who you are and think about what makes you a special and unique person. (Interpreters need to be at D/HH students’ eye level during the imagery comments.)

Rock and Roll. Roll to sitting, use hands to stand.

Upward Mountain, Crescent Moon, Roots Think about what makes you special and let that stretch to the sun (Upward Mountain) all around you (Crescent Moon) and feel your feet sink firmly into the ground (Roots). Think about how you can be an important part of this classroom community, what can you do to be a kind friend.

Tree Pose: Individual Think of your strength and what makes you special.

Tree Challenge Pose: (D/HH students are partnered with adults or other peers to assist with balance) You are now with a partner in this classroom, think about sharing your strength with your partner. Feel how you are helping your partner to keep their balance.

Tree Circle: We are all part of this forest, we are strong and still, the wind cannot blow us over. Arms move together in a gentle breeze, when the breeze stops, arms are still and gentle, push into neighbor’s palms. Repeat 2-3 times


Name Toss

Back Drawing: D/HH students may not accurately process tactile input, light touch is not recommended. Items to draw on back should be simple and concrete (vertical line to represent a tree, circle to represent the sun). Start by briskly rubbing entire back using palm of hand. We are drawing a favorite place to play with your friend. Draw a straight line and a cloud shape at the top to make your tree. It is sunny outside, so a circle for your sun would be a nice thing to add. Draw yourself and a friend using stick figures, playing your favorite game. Tell the person in front of you your favorite game. (D/HH students may need assistance/suggestions to think of favorite games.)

Calm and ending:

Students move out of circle and back slightly, so there is enough room to move arms. Complete 5-7 Volcano Breaths as in the beginning. Typical students can close their eyes, D/HH students need to keep eyes open to watch interpreter. Take a deep breath in, think about being a kind friend to all you meet and send that energy throughout the room. Take a deep breath in, think about being a part of this classroom community and send that energy throughout the room. Take a deep breath in, think about being proud of whom you are, be happy with yourself and send that energy to every person, as happiness is catching.

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