Instructor:  Greg Sicheneder

Community: Grades 3-5, Anger/Coping Group, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: January 1, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Class intention: For 3dr to 5th grade students to find there strength so they will be able to stand up for themselves when teased and increase their general frustration level when school work, family life or friendships are difficult. Pick prizes earned for participating in the group thus far as prescribed in the Anger Coping Curriculum.  In the Anger Coping Curriculum there is a structured exercise where students first have their puppets tease each other after modeling by the facilitator and then tease each other without the puppets. In this group while they like the teasing with puppets, they were very active and I had not planned to go back to this activity, because I did not think I could be successful with it.

Setting: In the social work office which should be large enough to do standing or sitting poses for the 4 students who are in this group. Lamp will be on with overhead light out. Playing music softly possibly waves or forest sounds during the first and last breathing exercise and something with a beat or rhythm for the Yoga-Based activity. Prizes will need to be out ahead of time which could be a distraction. List on the board the schedule for group. The names of each group member are listed on the board with three checks following it, per Anger/Coping Curriculum. Students have a check erased if they are not following the rules. If they lose all the checks they are dome from group for the day, but can come back next week.

Lesson Plan:


  • Breathe Work – After a brief thumbs up or down check and a review of the schedule start group by introducing Volcano Breathing to help focus as the group will have just come in from recess. Talk about the importance of breathing form the belly and how this can help us keep calm and better regulated.
  • Discussion – Following the breathing, we will review the schedule letting the group know that we will be reviewing our goals from last week and setting new goals for this coming week. Then we will be doing some other yoga type positions and practice not becoming upset when distracted or teased.


(Yoga-Based Activities)

  • Tree – Introduce Tree pose. Have students practice on each foot.
  • Roots – Introduce Roots pose. have students stand with both feet digging into floor like roots with eyes closed after breathing have them think about who gives then strength.
  • Sharing – Each student given an opportunity to share who they get their strength from.
  • Tree Challenge – Introduce Supported or Tree Challenge and have students think of their strength holding them down through their foot and keeping them centered. If group doing well may add teasing as per Anger/Coping curriculum.


  • Volcano Breath – End with volcano breathing prior to sending student back to class. Remind the group that they earn points for walking quietly back to class.

Social Emotional Activities Notes: When talking about where they get their strength may bring up family issues. Depending on what is brought up process as needed. Some students may have a hard time with the introduction to Yoga so could shorten lesson. If students come in very off task or one of the students is particularly disregulated, may demonstrate supported tree but hot have everyone do it or have disregulated student do the pose with me.

Future Sessions: I plan to add additional strength poses as student are successful at initial exercises. The plan would be to add Warrior I and II as well as Eagle and Dancer. Could also work on Strong Voice worksheet; Harassment Prevention; and Trickster.

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