Instructor: Josh Zeller

Community: After School Program, Grades 3-4

Plan Creation Date: February 22, 2009

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – with Hoberman sphere 10 breaths. Shut your eyes and feel your body slow down. See if you can hear your breath or your heart beating inside.


  • Boat – Feel the hull or bottom of your boat connecting with the water. Roll through each wave, staying connected with the water as you roll.
  • Mountain – Be a strong tall mountain. Shut your eyes and imagine that it is snowing on you. Remember how peaceful the world is when it is snowing.
  • Standing Volcano – Feel deep down inside your mountain, there is a huge pool of lava, heating up as your arms and you are now a volcano erupting as your arms come down, Make a rough and powerful breath, Darth Vader…Try to keep listening to this voice through sun salutations.
  • Sun Salutation (3X with different leaders) with a focus on stillness – have the students be very still in warrior and plank
  • Dancer – Legs compressed to the earth and arms blasting out into the sky
  • Warrior 3 – Balancing and breathing
  • Childs Pose – Release power breath and listen to your natural breath, feeling your back rise up like the swell of an ocean


  • Calm Voice Worksheet – Where in your body is your calm voice? Is it high or low? Fast or slow? Who does it sound like? What does it say?
  • Sharing Responses
  • Lie back on in a beautiful green meadow, your breath is a cool breath of the person with the calm voice let that voice speak to you, whispering to you what to do when you feel upset.

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