Instructor: Danette Jones

Community: Grades 3-4, Anxiety Group for Girls, School Setting, 60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 13, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Class Intention:

  • To increase self-confidence
  • Find inner strength to use over anxiety
  • Find their voice and personal power
  • Become more aware of social support
  • To set tone: natural light and/or ambient light; yoga mats laid out in a semi-circle before they arrive; soft music playing; same routine; remain regulated myself.

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – Have one student lead 7-10 breaths with the Hoberman Sphere.
  • Strong Voice – Remain sitting quietly and close your eyes – do Strong Voice Activity.


  • Arm Swings – With positive talk: “I am strong. I am in control. I can do it.” Let the movement of your arms follow your breath. See how slowly and smoothly you move, like a bird flying in slow motion.
  • Chair – Continuing positive self-talk
  • Wood Chopper -Use your Strong Voice now. Make the “HUH” sound from the deepest part of your belly and notice the difference. Students take turns leading Wood Chopper, perhaps sharing what they would like to chop that saps their strength.
  • Forward Bend
  • Downward Dog
  • Forward Bend
  • Mountain – Focus on the strength and confidence innate in a mountain. Listen to the Strong Voice inside of you.
  • Star – Have students think of something they would like to share with the world and shine it out. Move into…
  • Warrior II – “Look out over your forward hand into the future, accomplishing a challenge.”
  • Warrior I – “Send laser beams from your belly out through your finger tips. Imagine standing up for something you believe in with the strength of your family and ancestors supporting you.”
  • Forward Bend
  • Downward Dog – Lowering belly to the floor…
  • SuperHERO (not “man”) –  Talk about how we girls and women are the heroes in our own life; we are strong enough to make things happen in our life. We can fly like a superhero!
  • Tree Circle – Create a Galaxy, then move into Tree Circle. Now feel that support as you come into Tree by yourself. Notice any difference. Can we draw strength from our support systems to overcome challenges? Social/Emotional Game/s.


  • Lay in Do Nothing Pose.
  • Relaxation – Belly breathe while listening to a Mindful Moment Card about Strength: “Remember a time when you had a test and you were worried about passing, but you did a great job. What helped you stay focused? What words can you say to yourself when you are worried? Can you say those words to yourself now?

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