Instructor: Kate Somerville

Community: Grades 2-6, School Setting, 40-50 minutes

Plan Creation Date: May 9, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:


  • Yoga Calm Theme/Principles – One student reads the Yoga Calm theme/principle written on a white board. Ask children to give their definition of the principle.
  • Ground Rules – One student reads the Yoga Calm Ground Rules chart or have students take turns until all ground rules have been read.
  • Listen to the gong – One student activates the Chinese gong and returns to their mat. Students sit with their eyes closed, listening to the sound. When the sound has stopped and they hear quiet have them raise their hands.
  • Belly Breathing – One student demonstrates the Hoberman sphere while another student counts each breath. Return sphere it’s home and have the students lie on their backs with eyes closed to practice their breathing. Have the class choose the length of time they will practice.
  • Mindful Moment Card – “Think about the people in your community who make your life better. You might think about the cooks, the people who collect the garbage, the teachers, the people who grow food, and the people in the grocery store. Think of as many people as you can, and then think about how you can show these people how you appreciate the work they do” As the students lie and think about this prompt, place a Community Circle Worksheet at the foot of their mats.


  • Community Circle Worksheet – Complete the worksheets using colored pencils or markers. When completed read the follow up question “How do you show these people how you appreciate what they do.
  • Compliments –  Students take turns giving people in the room compliments.
  • Mat 20 – Follow Mat 20, modifying to accommodate for time spent on Community Circle Worksheets.


  • Teacher Compliments – Take a moment to compliment your class.
  • Final Relaxation – Relaxation pose – Choose ahead of time one student to sound the gong to signal the end of the class.

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