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Instructor: Emily Manson

Community: Grades 2-6, Classroom Setting, 40 minutes

Plan Creation Date: February 15, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Words:  “I can calm myself”

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – with Hoberman sphere leader & counter 4-10 times. Compliments for leaders.
  • Pulse Count – try 30 to 45 seconds extend when possible.


  • Volcano Breath – (Alternate 3 quiet/3 loud)
  • Back Breathing – see if you can feel your friends breath, switch sides.
  • Back Drawing – in a circle, draw gentle rain, sun going down, a tall mountain, a boat floating slowly in the ocean, a bird sitting on a branch, a flower, a tree, a path winding through the woods, a small pool of water and a present for your friend.
  • Eagle on a Rock – be a still eagle sitting on a rock watching the world around – how does the eagle feel, switch sides.
  • Rock and Roll with Boat – see how you can be active and stop when you need to.


  • Twist – to each side and lay back to give yourself a compliment for today – remember that it is important to speak kindly to yourself.
  • Relaxation Time – Calm Voice Sentences, read the sentences and have students reflect while they relax on their mats, pass out worksheets and let students share their answers after reflect.

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