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Instructor: Emily Manson

Community: Grades 2-6, Classroom Setting, 40 minutes

Plan Creation Date: May 6, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – with teacher 3 times. Ask for student leader with counter and student to chose number of breaths between 8-15.
  • Belly Breathing – with Hoberman sphere, student leader and counter, leaders choose people for compliments, one each.
  • Check in with yourself and give yourself a compliment for something you are proud of for the day. Share.


  • Archetype Game – with drummer (1-5) for each archetype. Talk about the different archetypes and that sometimes we might be all or one of these characters in our own lives. Trickster, Warrior, Prince/Princess, Wise King/Queen, Angel, Monster, Content One, Bear or hermit in a cave, Courageous Explorer, Clown, Peaceful One, Good kid, Bad kid, Smart Kid, Dumb Kid, Friendly, Distracted, Cold, Popular, Unpopular, Pick your favorite.
  • Discussion – Talk about what it felt like to act out different archetypes or characteristics. Which did you like most? Which did you like least? Was it easier or harder when everyone was one thing or when everyone was a different thing? Are you surprised people feel the same as you or feel differently than you?


  • Volcano Breaths – 4 (one loud, one quiet to someone you care about)
  • Leg Extension and Twist
  • Relaxation Story – from Ready Set Relax (Around the World)

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