Instructor:  Jennifer Brandt

Community: Grades 2-6, After School Community Ed. Class, Classroom Setting?, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: January 14, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Props/Music/Resources Required: none

Lesson Plan:


  • Child’s Pose – Feel your tummy fill up like a balloon when you breathe in. Count to 4 on inhale, count to 4 on exhale. Ask if students prefer not to be touched the put hands back by their feet. If they want touch, go around and give a gentle press on their back.
  • Volcano Breath – Talk about sending out love or other good feelings AND sending out any anger or things you want to get rid of. Discuss how we have some control over the feelings in our bodies. (Imagine your breath rising up deep from the earth, like a volcano).


  • Yoga Flow – Talk about 4 corners of the hands. I lead the first, 3 volunteers to lead the next 3 rounds.
  • Warrior I & Warrior II – Feel lasers coming from your belly and out your fingertips. Feel like a strong warrior. Be sure knees are aligned above ankles.
  • Tree into Tree Challenge – Talk about strength in our minds. Our ability to focus is a strength. When could you use this skill?


  • Butterfly
  • Reclined twist
  • Candlestick – Lie down on back.
  • Changing Channels – Bundled up in coat/hat/mittens. Cold air, crunch of snow, snowball fight. Change to sunny beach, building a sandcastle, warm sun, waves, sand in toes. Change to camping in thunderstorm. Hear the rain and thunder, smell the wet ground and leaves. Change to sitting in a chair with a small kitten or puppy sleeping on your lap. Hear the animal breath, smell cookies in the oven. Talk about when it’s useful to change channels.

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