Instructor:  Jennifer Brandt

Community: Grades 2-6, After School Community Ed. Class, Classroom Setting?, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: January 14, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Props/Music/Resources Required: music with a beat, list of archetypes, maybe an illustration of spine and ribs.

Lesson Plan:


  • Child’s Pose – Tell the children I will go around and give them a gentle press down on their back. If they do not want me to do that they can bring their hands back by their feet. Discuss belly breathing. Ask them to count to 5 on inhale and count to 5 on exhale.
  • Back Breathing – Ask students to pair off. Let them find a friend they are comfortable with. Have the students ask each other if it is okay for them to touch their back in child’s pose. Proceed with Back Breathing. Talk about spine, ribs, lungs.


  • Yoga Flow – Cue students to keep the low belly strong and shoulders relaxed. I lead the first flow. Choose 3 volunteers to lead the next 3 rounds in front of the class.
  • Tree into Tree Circle – Ask if it’s easier to be in tree alone or together? Talk about the transition.
  • Archetype Game – Ask students to spread out around the room. Explain there is no touching, running or talking. Explain the game. Put on some music and have fun!  Ask the kids which ones were easy/hard for them. Ask them if they can think of times in their lives they have to play those roles.


  • Scripted Relaxation – Think about immediate family. Then everyone connected to immediate family (aunts, uncles, neighbors, etc). Then think about all the people in Stillwater (or your town/community) and how we have many of the same experiences, even if we don’t know them. Repeat with Minnesota (or your state), United States, World. Bring them back to their immediate family, then back to their mats.

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