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Instructor: Mina Leierwood

Community: Grades 2-5, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: January 1, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Title: Celebrating the Eagle

Art Standards: Drawing using shapes; use variation in lines

Works of Art: Mexican Flag Logo -on LCD screen when students arrive,
Acknowledging Mexican traditions and community in Minneapolis,
Acknowledging Eagle as a symbol of Strength in both the USA and Mexico

Lesson Plan:


  • Mountain Pose, Deep Breathing, Arm Swings – Invite student into circle, everyone standing in Mountain Pose, deep breathing with entire group Arms up, “Reach for the Stars!,” arms down. Repeat 5 times.


  • Eagle Pose – “We are studying the eagle today. The Eagle is a symbol of strength in both Mexico and the United States. The eagle Yoga pose requires both strength and focus.”
    • “Can you do the Eagle arms? Right arm underneath Left.” Student and/or teacher demonstrates Eagle arms and students join in. “Arms twist together so that palms can touch. But if you can’t twist that far, that’s okay. Hands go back to back.”
    • Demo Eagle eyes, “Pretend you are staring at a snake 10 miles away…Focus…” Sometimes I place a toy snake or other object at the other end of the room for students to look at.
    • “Now, both legs bend slightly. Slowly lift your right leg and cross it over your left. Don’t lose your focus! Your eagle is thinking about eating that delicious snake for dinner. If you can twist your legs and arms around each other, it will feel very tight. Focus. Tight. Focus.”
    • Now, Fly your eagle! Spread your arms and straighten your right leg! Keep your right foot off the ground, if you can, but if you can’t just a quick touch down until your regain your balance. Don’t look at anyone else, don’t touch anyone else, swoop down and grab your snake!” (Gobbling sounds in the classroom.)
    • “Aaah, that was delicious. Now, repeat, return to the mountain pose. Focus your eyes in the distance. This time, the LEFT arm underneath. And slowly, the left leg lifts. Don’t lose your focus! Your eagle is thinking about eating that delicious snake for dessert. If you can twist your legs and arms around each other, it will feel very tight. Focus. Tight. Focus. Okay, fly your Eagle, stretch stretch stretch, and grab your snake!” (Gobble gobble).
  • Mountain – Excellent. Return to mountain. Good work. Now, let’s be seated. Choose helpers to distribute paper and pencils.


  • Discussion – Analyze eagle in the flag. “What is happening in this picture?” Have students inform the class what they see. ” What is it standing on? What is in it’s mouth? How many legs is it standing on? Does anyone know the story behind this picture? Review the history of the Aztec’s search for the location of their capital, ancient Tenochtitlan, modern Mexico City. The vision of the Eagle.
  • Art Activity – Now to draw! Start at center of eagle’s body, draw an oval…” Many more small steps to complete drawing. Color with crayons. Do you want to make the whole Mexican flag?
  • Clean up – Put all materials in the baskets. Helpers collect. Now do a turn and talk with a friend at your table. Show your eagle and look at theirs.
  • Line up at the door, 3 more deep breaths as we line up for home room teacher. How are you doing? Check in with the smiley face. Good, Okay or Bad? 🙂 :l 🙁
  • Evidence of Learning, measures of success: All students show me eagle pose, or at least try it. All students complete art project. All students share with a friend. All students give me the thumbs up, thumbs okay or thumbs down. Let’s fix it if it is a thumbs down!

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