Instructor: Andrea Keeley

Community: Grades 1-6, 60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: February 8, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Lesson Plan:


  • Yoga Calm Guidelines Review and Theme


  • Belly Breathing – with Hoberman Sphere (seated on floor). One volunteer operates the sphere. One volunteer counts breaths. Operates chooses between 5-10 breaths. 2-3 compliments for both operator and counter.


  • Block Creek – First pass: look down at rocks. Second pass: look straight ahead with partner helping to focus. Third pass: walk with eyes closed and helpers holding each arm. Recap/discussion on strategies used.
  • Physical Warm-ups/Stretches:
    • Cat (back like a rainbow)
    • Cow (back like a bowl)
    • Table with stretching/wiggling (back and forth, circles, figure 8’s, draw the alphabet)
    • Downward Dog with leg stretches (remember hands like bear paws)
    • Child’s Pose with arm reaches
  • Pose Flow (each leg once or twice):
    • Start in Upward Mountain (laser beams to the sky)
    • Swan dive to Forward Bend
    • Hands back to knees for Halfway Fold
    • Back to Forward Bend (rag doll)
    • Move to Bent Knee Lunge (right leg forward) with arms reaching to the sky
    • Hands down and legs back to Downward Dog, peddling like a bike if needed
    • Kick right leg back and forward to Bent Knee Lunge (same leg) with arms reaching to the sky shooting lasers out of your middle fingers
    • Rise up to Warrior I (strong arms)
    • Rotate to Warrior II (fingers reaching to front and back walls)
    • Reach back to the mat and move into Bent Knee Lunge (same leg) with arms up
    • Hands down and legs back to Downward Dog (bear paws)
    • Relax in your version of Child’s Pose
  • Back Breathing – Partner up and take turns – 3 breaths on partner’s upper, middle, and lower back
  • Tree Challenge – Use the same partners to take turns in Tree and distracting partner
  • Tree Circle – Form a circle with the group. Pose in Tree as a group (each leg). Create a storm and then get still. Have a few kids as distractors
  • Back Drawing – Group forms a circle. Make rain, Make thunder, Draw lightning, Draw Clouds, Draw Sun, Draw a positive message for the person in front of you.


  • Final Stretches:
    • Rock and Roll
    • Twist
    • Happy Baby
    • Child’s Pose
  • Relaxation – Guided Relaxation/Savasana – Cloud of Calmness (pg. 70 of Relax book).

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