Instructor: Andrea Keeley

Community: Grades 1-6, 60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: March 22, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:


  • Discuss Listening theme and heart-related activities and music.


  • Volcano Breath – with one student volunteer for motions and one for the counter. Volunteer chooses number of breaths. 2-3 compliments for both operator. Send heart thoughts to someone on the last volcano breath and share with the group.


  • Activate/Relax Walk – Start in Mountain. Walk around the room – freeze and focus on “Activate”. Continue walking on “Relax”. Lastly, walk while both activating and relaxing. When do you need to be both activated and relaxed?
  • Physical Warm-ups/Stretches:
    • Cat (back like a rainbow)
    • Cow (back like a bowl)
    • Downward Dog (pedals and bear paws)
    • Lunges/hamstring stretches
    • Bow pose (heart open and bursting)
  • Yoga Flow:
    • Mountain (feet strong on the ground)
    • Upward Mountain (shoot arms like laser beams)
    • Warrior I with right leg back (bend back)
    • Warrior II (fingers reaching front and back wall)
    • Side Angle (push out your heart)
    • Reverse Warrior (scoop your ice cream behind you)
    • Humble Warrior (bow down with hands clasped behind)
    • Warrior I
    • Mountain – Switch Legs
    • Relax in your version of Child’s Pose
  • Yes/No Game – Send one child out of the room and pick an object. When person comes back, only guide them by saying “No” when they are getting farther from the object. Take another student out of the room. When person comes back, only guide them by saying “Yes” when they are getting closer to the object. Discuss which method worked better.


  • Final Stretches:
    • Rock and Roll
    • Twist
    • Happy Baby
    • Child’s Pose
  • Relaxation – Guided Relaxation/Savasana – Progressive Relaxation – pg. 133

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