Instructor: Katie Diez

Community: Grades 1-5, School Setting, 30-40 minutes

Plan Creation Date: December 30, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:

Diffuse in essential oil diffuser:  Valor essential oil blend


  • Intro – “Today we are going to focus on our strength. We all have the ability to be strong, physcially, mentally and emotionally, and in control. I am going to challenge you to say to yourself ‘I can do it!’ whenever you feel like anything is hard today.”
  • Belly BreathingWith one student leading with the Hoberman sphere and another counting off a selected number of breaths. “I want you to imagine yourselves as kings and queens. Kings and queens are very strong and powerful. Sit up as if you are kings and queens.”
  • Changing Channels – “Shut your eyes and notice what you begin to think about. Now we are going to practice changing the channel in your minds. This activity strengthens our attention muscles. Imagine yourself playing in the snow”. Describe a snow scene and snow activities. Then move on to: Swimming, holding a small pet, Walking in the forest, Baking a batch of cookies. Ask the students: “When might this activity be useful?”
  • Volcano Breath “Now we are going to be a strong volcano. Make sure you are activated and your arms are strong as you lift them up and down to your sides.”


  • Mountain – “Let’s turn that volcano into a strong mountain. As you stand still, feel your strength in your body. Feel your muscles of your legs hug your bones.”
  • Woodchopper – “Now bring your feet a little further apart and interlace your fingers, bringing them to the sky. Pretend there is a piece of wood between your feet. On the count of three, chop that piece of wood and say “Huh!” as you chop that wood. 
  • Roots – Side to side: “Now bring your hands to your side and find your center. Imagine strong roots growing out of your feet into the earth.”
  • Crescent Moon – Arms up side to side.
  • Modified Dancer – “I am strong, I am in control. I can do it.” Practice activating and relaxing in this pose.


  • Twist – Seated.
  • One Minute Exploration – Remember a time when you felt afraid , but you were able to keep going because you knew you could do it. What were you doing? What helped you to find strength at that time?

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