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Instructor: Cynthia Endicott

Community: Grades 1-5, Boys and Girls Club, 60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: May 23, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:


  • Ground Rules – Review rules with poster.
  • Read the “Breath” Poem from the book, Twist”.
  • Belly Breathing – Using the Hoberman sphere, ask the children to focus on listening carefully to one another and to their instructor. Maybe there will be a surprise or a clue? Select a leader from volunteers. Have the Leader select a counter. The children can choose the number of breaths the group needs. Compliments.
  • Read the “Mountain Volcano” Poem from the book, “Twist”.
  • Volcano Breath


  • Poem poses – Tell the children to listen carefully to the poems and figure out which pose to do next.
    • Child’s Pose
    • Cat/Cow
    • Down Dog
    • Cobra
    • Bridge
    • Twist
  • Back Drawing – Have the students get into a circle and face one another’s back in a seated position. Ask them to listen carefully to the directions for this activity. Then return to individual mats.
  • Rock and Roll
  • Bridge
  • Rock and Roll to Boat – Listen while I count to 5. See if you can balance your boat while I count. Roll up to standing
  • Mat Tag – Listen carefully to keep from getting tagged!


  • Child’s Pose – Take a few relaxing breaths and rest.
  • Back Breathing – Students sit back to back in pairs and breathe together for several breaths.
  • Final Relaxation – Think about the beautiful poems and how they reminded you of Yoga poses you have learned. Think of a different pose we have learned in yoga and picture a poem or story that describes it. Could you use your story as a reminder of how to do the pose? Think of something in nature that reminds you of your pose. Does it make a sound? Think about the sound and how it makes you feel. IF it is scary, turn it into to a comforting sound. If it is loud, turn it into a quiet sound. Continue to relax and rest with eyes closed.

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