Instructor: Kelsey Hanson

Community: Grade 8, Girls Group, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: April 18, 2016

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Supplies: Mats, drum, Strong Voice Worksheets, Pens, Marker, Large sheet of paper, and chime

Focus: Group for girls who self-harm

Lesson Plan:


  • Volcano Breaths – 5x Volcano Breath in Mountain – Student led with compliments


  • Reflection on Strength – Word on large sheet of paper & reflections written down.
  • Mountain
  • Roots – Listening to body to find center & strength.
  • Warrior I – Left & Right – Finding strength of pose & how to be your strongest within pose.
  • Warrior II – Left & Right – Finding/Feeling Strength – Beat drum 4x on each side – each time asking students to challenge their strength to feel stronger & more centered with each beat.
  • Forward Fold – relax & breathe
  • Group Reflection on Feeling Strength in Body
  • Boat – Slowly and controlled moving into pose – Hold & feel strength of core.
  • Strong Voice Activity & Worksheet – Social/Emotional Activity
  • Group Reflection on Activity


  • Relaxation – Social/Emotional Guidance – Prone positon:
    • Breathe deeply.
    • Now let your breath be natural and relaxed.
    • Think back to a time when you felt weak, out of control, or scared.
    • Remember where you were and who you were with.
    • Remember what you were feeling emotionally.
    • Remember what you were thoughts were in your mind.
    • Remember if you can what you felt in your body.
    • Now let your mind go to your center that you found today while planting your roots.
    • From your center go the where you felt your strength the most in your body.
    • With your mind going to your strongest think again to the time you felt weak, out of control or scared.
    • Now listen for what your strong voice wants to tell you about that time.
    • What does it want you to know?  (Pause)
    • Listen to the chime fade – as if fades start to wiggle your fingers & toes, and slowly come to a seated position.
  • Group Reflection
  • Closing Ritual

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