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Instructor: Summer Buzza

Community: Grade 7, School Setting?, 60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: September, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Vocabulary: ​I can quiet myself to listen. I can ignore distractions and focus to listen.

Lesson Plan:


  • Check-In – scale 1-10 how well you can listen hear others & self – option to tell why & option to pass (1- very distracted, difficult to hear – 10 – very tuned in)
  • Belly Breathing – with Hoberman sphere; have kids describe how our breath sounds; when you tune into your breath, what happens to the sounds around you
  • Mindful Snack *option – 5-8 minute simple mindful snack (apple slices, almonds, crackers, carrots, celery) Notice the textures and sounds as we eat. Crunch can be satisfying and calming to the sensory system.
  • Listen to Music – raise arm and lower it as music gets quieter until you can no longer hear it.


  • Mat 20
  • Challenge Poses – try Warrior, Tree with eyes closed (what do you use to concentrate?).
  • Trust Walk – notice how when your vision is not in use, your attention to hearing increases.
  • Communication Game *option – p 109 (if appropriate for group).


  • Compliment Circle – each student takes a turn giving a compliment to person in center of circle (make eye contact; practice listening without discrediting).
  • Relaxation – ​RELAX.calm​p 138-139 guided meditation “I am able to focus when needed.”
  • Check-In – how well can you hear/attend to voices around you? (1- very distracted, difficult to hear – 10 – very tuned in).
  • Encourage students to listen to music different than they normally do – get suggestion from parent, teacher, classmate you don’t know well. If you find something you like, tell group next week.

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