Instructor: Cristina Dobon-Claveau

Community: Grade 7 Math Class

Plan Creation Date: May 8, 2012

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community II

Lesson Plan:


  • Pulse check
  • Belly Breathing: Five breaths with the Hobberman sphere, or “Kevin” as the class called it.
  • Volcano Breaths: Standing with feet hip-width apart, put your hands at your heart, take a deep breath lifting your arms over your head and exhaling by swinging your arms down to the side of your body. As you exhale, send positive thoughts or gratitude to someone who helped you out this week. Is this person on your community circle sheet?


  • Roots: Picture of the tree roots is on the promethean board. Your feet should be flat to the floor with your toes spread as far apart as they will go. Stand firm and tall with your feet acting as roots to your tree.
  • Mountain: Had a visual of a mountain on the promethean board. Stand tall, proud and great like a mountain, reach your arms and hands up to the sky. Push all of your muscles up to the sky. What are some descriptive words to describe this mountain?
  • Tree: I had a visual of a tree on the promethean board. Keep your focus on something right in front of you; you may keep you hands by your heart, or if you choose, to the sky. Stand tall and grand and beautiful like a tree in the forest. Class, what do trees provide to society?
  • Crescent Moon: I had a visual of a half-moon on the board. From the tree pose put both feet on the ground, hip-width apart and put your hands straight over your head; be long and tall, keeping a straight back and your shoulders wide and proud. Now bend to the right side, curving into the shape of the moon in the picture. Class, give me some descriptive words of this moon.
  • Dancer: From the crescent moon pose, reach down with your right arm and hold your right foot behind. Keep your focus and your left arm over your head, palm turned in. Stand tall and graceful like a dancer. Find that focal point and balance on that left foot.
  • Wood Chopper: The last thing we are going to do before moving on to our next activity: I want you to think about all of the stress you endured this week taking the MCA math test. Go back to that mountain pose, raise your arms to the sky and put one hand over your fist. On the count of three, we are going to swing our arms down between our legs like we are chopping wood. Let’s make a loud “huh” sound from our bellies to make sure we get rid of all of the stress.


  • Past/Present/Future Worksheet
  • Ready…Set…R.E.L.A.X., page 102

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