Instructor: Chris Schirber

Plan Creation Date: 1/6/10

Community: 5th Grade Class

Principle 1: Stillness

Beginning Relaxation (5 mins): Pulse count. Notice how still the body must become to be able to sense the subtle pulse.  Rest yourself in this stillness.

Postures (10 mins.):

Mountain: After describing how to get into mountain assert: “You are mountain. Mountains are still and unmoving century after century. Feel your still strength. Have students say silently in their mind “I am Mountain. I can be still.”

Roots: Imagine that you are in a quiet room with an old-fashioned clock. Upon the command “tick,” ground your weight into the four corners of your right foot and balance yourself there, all the while maintaining this inner stillness. When I say “tock” return to your center, grounding through both feet. The next time I say “tick” ground down into your left foot. Repeat. Instructor can vary speed, distance of swings, and have students circle around their centers finally coming to rest at their center and once again experience their stillness.

Activate/Relax Walk: Now we will experiment with moving without losing our relaxed internal calm state. So although we are moving, we want to keep the mind as still as possible. Upon “activate” command you will slowly move around the room. Upon “relax” command you will return to mountain and find your inner stillness more deeply.

Chair: Explain how stillness can be passive or active as in chair. Show how stillness can build strength.

Dancer: Explain how the mind must be still and concentrated for balance postures.

Forward Bend: See how letting go/releasing can lead to stillness.

Woodchopper: See how activity can lead to a deeper feeling of stillness when it is complete.

Chair Twist: Feel the stillness at the end of each breath.

Volcano Breath: Imagine inhaling silence stillness and calm. Imagine exhaling tension and restlessness.

Social Emotional Activity: (10 mins)

Calm Voice:  Discuss the relationship between stillness and the calm voice. 

Closing Relaxation (few mins): Belly Breathing, return to stillness and rest.

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