Instructor: Paula Jones-Johnson

Community: Grade 5 Small Group

Plan Creation Date: June 30, 2012

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:


  • Hoberman Sphere: Have the kids sit in a circle. Take three deep relaxing breaths. Ash the child who appears the most needy that day to lead.
  • Child pose: Have another student demonstrate child pose and have the rest follow.
  • Back Breathing: Have the child who demonstrated child pose get back into child pose with arms tucked under head. Ask if the student is okay that I place my hands on his/her back to do a partner breathing activity. Show thee children the proper way of using their hands. Discuss appropriate verses inappropriate touch. Pair up the students. Direct them through the activity.

Use Every Kid’s Guide to Living Your Best Life


  • Block Creek: Have each child walk the rocks on the creek with a block on his/her head. Have each child use positive self talk. If they have a hard time thinking of positive thoughts, ask the other kids to make suggestions.
  • Have the kids partner up. One at a time, blindfold one of the students while the partner leads him/her through.
  • Partner Pull: Have the students pair up and hold each other with right wrist and hand. Follow along the activity with breathing and standing up together.


  • Volcano Breath: While they are standing on their mats, have the kids follow along with the poster, reading the affirmations with each breath. When arms are rising, breathe in and say, “I am…” as arms come down, exhale the breath and say “…strong” etc.
  • Have the children return to sitting in a circle and discuss their thoughts on the exercise.
  • Reinforce the lesson with stating all the positive, kind, caring behavior I witnessed.
  • Have the kids thank their partner and dismiss them, reminding them to take their caring minds and bodies with them.

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