Instructor: Chris Schirber

Plan Creation Date: 1/6/10

Community: 5th Grade Class

Principle 5: Community

Beginning Relaxation (few mins): Volcano Breath, in which students silently draw in a sense of support from their community with the in breath and send out positive messages to others in their classroom with the out breath.

Postures (10-15 minutes):

Activate/Relax Walk: Respect each other’s space.

Arm Swings: Careful with your surroundings, trying not to hit anyone or anything. Space yourselves accordingly.

Back Breathing: Person with hands on back silently sends positive energy to the person breathing in child’s pose.    

Belly Breathing: Realize that we are all connected to the universe with our breath. Our exhale is the universe’s inhalation, and the universe’s exhale is our inhalation. Imagine that the universe is breathing you.   

Partner Pull: Look at your partner and watch for nonverbal cues as to how things are going for them in addition to doing so verbally.

Shoulder Clock: Be aware that there are some things in life that are mutually beneficial to two parties.

Tree: Our “waste:” carbon dioxide, is a tree’s food. A tree’s “waste:” oxygen, is our energy source.

Tree Challenge: Our community challenges us to be our best.

Tree Circle: While in this posture, discuss ways in which you feel supported by your community.

Social Emotional Activity (10 mins):

Trust Walk: Notice that to have good leaders, you must have good followers. Discuss how you can be good leaders and good followers in the classroom.

Closing Relaxation (few mins): Group breathing with the Hoberman Sphere. Think of the many ways your community supports you and take a moment to be grateful for the same.

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