Instructor:  Brenda Arnold

Community: Grade 5, Classroom Setting?, 45-60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: April 26, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – with the Hoberman Sphere – 10 breaths
  • Relaxation/Mindfulness Activity – White light


  • Volcano Breath – (In sitting position) – Think of someone you would like to send your heart thoughts to today. Imagine this person, animal or place in your mind. On the next Volcano breath, send your thoughts out to that person. Does anyone want to share who they sent their thoughts to? How did this feel?
  • Roots – Stand, rock back and forth with you body with feet firmly on the floor. Making smaller and circles until you feel balanced in the center of your feet. What does this feel like? Feel that balance on the four corners of your feet and then root your feet strongly into the floor like an oak tree, that is solid and unwavering. Feel the strength and stability. (history of oak tree roots) When we are rooted we can withstand many storms.
  • Tree Pose – Let the wind blow through your branches and remain strong and peaceful. (have students sway back and forth) Stop, now close your eyes and imagine the calm and notice your peaceful strength.
  • Changing Tree – Imagine you tree being blown around, rainy, Still maintaining strength and calm on one leg – 6 beats each
  • Eagle – Now picture yourself as a eagle on the tree perched on a limb, now fly like an eagle, while still balancing on one foot, unhook arms, “open your wings” unwind top leg and stretch I back. See yourself flying then come back to your perch on the tree.


  • Forward Fold – drop down and relax your arms feet grounded on floor
  • Down Dog – step legs back to down dog
  • Child’s Pose – come down to child pose, notice breath, breath 8 breaths
  • Relaxation – Feel your strength and take this with you during the day, knowing that you can find this calming strength whenever you need to call upon it.

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