Instructor:  Brenda Arnold

Community: Grade 5, Classroom Setting?, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: April 26, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Academic/Therapeutic/Other Goals: Connection/communication with peers

Props/Music Resources Required: Nature sounds

Lesson Plan:


  • Breathing – Utilize one child to lead with Hoberman, others follow for 6 breaths
  • Community Activity – go to center of room and get a word that you think you need most right now? (words, joy, calm, energy, peace, love etc). Go around and talk about why you chose this word? Imagine who in your family or friends that can support/help you with this. State support is important.


  • Tree Pose – Stand with legs together then lift left foot and slowly bend right knee and draw the right foot up, place on ankle. Press down , rooting yourself in the earth like a tree. It is challenging, It is difficult, now pretend a family member or friend is firmly holding your leg in place. What was that like?
  • Tree Challenge -Now, stand in a circle and the person standing to your left is your partner, face this partner with right legs up in Tree pose with right hands touching and left hands on hips. Say, I am strong. Press hands gently toward each other for support. Then slowly begin to challenge each other by gently pressing back and forth without falling off balance. Switch arms, then switch legs. What was that like? Easier with someone to support you?
  • Tree Circle – Now go back to the circle and stand 3 feet apart. Raise both arms and stretch them out fingers pointing up. Place hands together with the person on each side and lift right leg up in Tree pose. Press into each other’s hand and use each other for support. Switch legs and repeat. To challenge further: choose a student to become animal (scary) that try to make noises , running in and out of the circle, jumping up and down (but not touching) other to see if they can get distracted. Note: In forest trees shield us from the wind, and what else? Roots intertwine for greater support, and provide habitat for animals.


  • Forward Fold
  • Child’s Pose – breath work
  • Relax – Then have student draw or write about who give them the support and what it looks like.

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