Instructor: Morgan Watson

Community: Grade 3, Therapeutic Group, 60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: February 4, 2016

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – Hoberman Sphere (2 minutes), Ask the group how many breaths they would like to practice (between 5-10), invite a group member to lead the Hoberman sphere and ask another group member to lead the count. Invite the group to provide compliments.
  • Community Circle – (20 minutes)-I will invite the group members to close their eyes and think of the people in their community. I will have them reflect and then I will give the group members the Community Circle worksheet to complete in silence. I will invite members to share their community circle with the group.
  • Mindful Moment Card – Set intention (1 minute),- Mindfulness Card (Community).
  • Chime – (30 seconds)


  • Tree Challenge – (5 minutes)-Invite two members to demonstrate this activity in front of the group. Invite them to do the tree challenge with their designated partner one each side. After the activity I will ask the students what helped them.
  • Compliment Game – (15 minutes)-Invite the group members for a large circle holding yoga straps to connect them together. I will invite one student to come into the circle’s center and the others to take turns given the group member a compliment.
  • Coyote – A Moving Story – (10 minutes)-Invite the group to do the below positions while I share the coyote story:
    • Start in Table Top (all fours)
    • Alternative Arm/Leg Kicks-Each side.
    • Cobra pose
    • Tree pose-Right leg
    • Tree pose-Left leg-move arms like the wind is blowing
    • Roots
    • Eagle Pose on one side-invite the group members to fly like an Eagle by extending their leg backwards and cross leg back over into Eagle pose again.
    • Switch legs in Eagle-fly on second side.
    • Warrior Pose
    • Child pose-While the group is in this pose, I will sing the chorus of the story.
    • Alternative Arm/Leg Kicks-Encourage the members to engage in this activity faster this time for each side.
    • Rock & Roll or lay back taking knees around in circles


  • Back Breathing – (5 minutes)-Invite two group members told demonstrate this pose to the rest of the group. Once the group starts the back breathing with their partners invite them to watch their partners breathing slowly in and out and to be mindful to what that is like.
  • Relaxation – (2 minutes)- Re-read the following Mindful Moment Card on Listening.
  • Chime

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