Instructor: Julia Peterson

Community: Grade 2, small group with decreased attention/increased activity, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: June 15, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Class Environment: OT office with lamp on or overhead lights with cover lights, mason jar with fake plant and agate rocks

Lesson Plan:


  • Pulse Control – let’s check our pulses to feel what zone we are in at the beginning, feel for a tapping or drumming sensation on your neck and tell me if it is going fast like the yellow or red zone or slow like blue zone or just right for green zone.
  • Shake Body – now let’s move our bodies without control on the dots on the floor, wiggle your arms and legs and bellies.
  • Pulse Control – let’s check our pulses again and feel what zone our body is in now, can you feel a difference from before and after shaking your body.


  • Mountain – Imagine you are a quiet mountain and ground your feet firmly into the ground and your eyes focused on the center, stand strong.
  • Woodchopper – now reach your arms up high as if holding a hammer and on the count of three swing your hands down to chop the rock, make a loud huh sound.
  • Downward Dog – now place both hands and come to all fours and activate and straighten arms, push toes into under and push your pockets into the air, feel your hands and feet firmly grounded to the mat.
  • Forward Bend – now walk your hands back to your feet and let your arms hang down, relax your body.
  • Chair – now inhale and raise your arms above your head and bend your knees, lift your belly and head and feel how grounded and strong you are.
  • Mountain – now press your feet back into the ground and come back to a full standing posture with arms at your side.


  • Stepping Stones Game – let’s practice walking the stone path just as we practiced the activate/relax, fast/slow game and take turns setting up the course and at the end of each practice take your pulse again.
  • 5 Finger Breath – trace your hand on a paper while breathing in and out, write down five tools to increase your ability to stay in the green zone.

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