Instructor: Paula Jones-Johnson

Community: Grade 2 Small Group

Plan Creation Date: June 28, 2012

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:


  • Discuss how busy we are on a typical day. Have the kids share how busy they can be when they are attending classes all day and have other activities after school. Ask them if they ever take time to slow down and listen to what their bodies are saying to them. Explain that the activities we do today will help us pay attention to what our minds and bodies are telling us.
  • Belly Breathing: Have the children lie on their backs while doing this pose.
  • Calm Voice: Explain that I will be reading questions slowly, that I would like them to just lie there and relax and think about the ideas that come to mind.


  • Have all the children sit in a circle and share their experience
  • Activate Relax Walk: Have each child give an active and relax command
  • Forward Bend: Have the children bend with a slight bend in their knees and just hang, letting the gravity pull them to the earth. Tell them to listen to their bodies. Share where we feel this stretch in our bodies.
  • Twist: Have the children lie on their backs and do a twist. Allow students to share where they feel the pose and what it feels like. Is it a little stretch, medium or strong stretch.


  • Volcano Breath: Think about someone or something that you would like to send your heart thoughts to.
  • Ask the children to share how they are feeling. Have them share one thing they can take home with them from their experience today.

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