Instructor: Vanessa Gill

Community: Grade 2, 30-45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 1, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Props/Music Resources Required: Music, Mats, Sphere, Strong voice sheets, Pencils

Lesson Plan:


Release Energy

  • Volcano Breath – Inhale positivity.
  • Forward Fold – release anything that doesn’t make you feel good – Deep breaths.


  • Standing Strength Sequence – Focus on a strong foundation to build the strength within you.
  • Woodchopper – Strength in legs and breath as we release it outwards . Bring a student leader on the mat upfront. Have them direct the woodchop with their body & voice. Allow for compliments before moving on
  • Mountain – (activate): Strong arms upward (Use student leader)
  • Star – (release): Strong arms outward, wiggle energy out
  • Crescent Moon – (release) *Repeat on each side*
  • Star Pose
  • Warrior
  • Mountain
  • Forward Fold
  • Mountain to Warrior 2 w/ Star then back to mountain to forward fold (Release as you breath out in the downward fold) *repeat on right side* Flow twice with students. Bring a scholar up to lead after the first run through. Allow for compliments before moving on.
  • Mountain move into Volcano Breath (3-4)
  • Forward Fold – (release) back to Mountain (build strength and bring in more positivity).
  • Crouch to sitting w/ a few more breaths ***Reminders: Eyes on front mat, Listening ears on, allow you body to then follow***
  • Partner activities – Utilize a student to demonstrate each partner activity.
  • Shoulder Clock
  • Partner Dancer Pose vs. solo Dancer
  • Group Dancer Pose
  • Activities for Strength – What does strength look like? Show us what strength looks like.
  • Activate & Release – Walking: strength, opposite of strength – Freeze, Activate, breath, forward fold


  • Strong Voice – sharing  – Partner share: Who is someone you think of that is strong?
  • Strong Voice – students sit or lay on the mats. Set music/atmosphere. Read sheet aloud. Have student fill out & share with a partner. Choose a few volunteers share in a large group. Inner strength – Who are we going to be strong for?
  • Relaxation
  • Seated Breaths – 5-7 in a circle. Student led breaths: channel your strength spread strength. Student lead with sphere another with chimes. Allow for compliments before moving on.
  • Seated Twist  – 2-3 on each side
  • Mindful Moment – Student seated in a circle eyes open or closed and holding hands
    Send a small squeeze around the circle (practice with eyes open). You or a student volunteers to starts. Either just passing the squeeze or saying the name of the person they are strong for then passing the squeeze or Strength. Repeat without speaking but taking a full breath silently then passing to the next scholar. Repeat in future sessions to see how many breaths scholars can take in-between passing their strength. The goal is to increase the amount of breaths scholars can take in-between passing strength.

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