Instructor: Mary Frances Fate

Community: Grade 2, School Setting

Plan Creation Date: September 10, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Lesson Plan:

Introduction: Who I am and why I am here. “Stand on right/left foot.” Why do you think that is hard to do? I am going to come into your class to teach you how to find calm in your mind and body’.


  • Belly Breathing – Intro Hoberman Sphere. Show how to use it. Pass sphere around so everyone has chance to use it.
  • Pulse Check – Find pulse and listen to the rhythm of heart.


  • Mountain Pose – 2 feet rooted into the ground. Feet hip distance, parallel. Be tall, be strong, be still .
  • Up Mountain
  • Forward Fold – Do 3 times hold for 3 breaths.


  • Relaxation – Sit at desk. Head on hands. Eyes closed. See your Mountain in your mind. Create your mountain: is there snow on the peak? Are there trees? How far up do they go? Are there wildflowers growing on the side? Can you smell the flowers…the pine needles…
  • Closing – At the beginning of the class you may have felt nervous because I asked you to do something at school that you don’t usually do and it was hard. Focusing on your breath helped those emotions disappear. I’ll be back next Tues to teach you more but until that time notice times during your day when it would be helpful to use what we learned today.

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