Instructor: Vanessa Gill

Community: Grade 2, 45-60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 1, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Props/Music Resources Required: Music, Mats, Calm Voice sheets, Pencils

Lesson Plan:


  • “I am here” Circle (Calm) – A few weeks in a more developed version – “I am here today and I’m coming with” (Start with a personal example) – Allow a student volunteer to start.
  • Recap on Strength – In pairs/small groups share.
  • Belly Breathing – Unified breath lead by students: Sphere holder, chimes and counter. Finish with compliments.


  • Mat Tag
  • Standing Sequence: Utilize a student volunteer.
  • Volcano Breath &  Woodchopper (followed by a Forward Fold) – ground your feet and use the power in your legs to support your arms and breath as they release energy . Inhale good energy release any energy that doesn’t feel good.
  • Crescent Moon – on both sides: remember to release energy with you arms and breath.
  • Forward Fold & Mountain pose – In Forward Fold release what ever you don’t need.
  • Forward fold to Mountain & Star rotation.
  • Star & Warrior 2 – Hold Star and move into Warrior 2 (repeat on both sides) – Stand strong and powerful. After each warrior move into a Forward Fold with “Star legs” (Wider than shoulder length) – 2 deep breaths inhale for 4 and exhale for 4 – Make “T” arms and raise with a flat back.
  • Repeat – with each Warrior side pose.
  • Mountain & Forward Fold – Move back into Mountain Pose and flow into Forward Fold.
  • Table Top & Child’s Pose – Kneel and release into Table Top, then Child’s Pose – Pause here for a few breaths and allow the energy of the space to calm . Allow compliments for the student leader(s). Have students come to a seated position on their mats or lie on their mats


  • Calm Voice Activity – (If class has not already done this) – Introduce the activity Calm voice. Short 1 min relaxation to prep the students and energy of the space. Read Calm Voice Sheet. In pairs or small group discuss – What does it mean to listen to that calm voice? Is this helpful why or why not? Can you tell the difference between a loud & Calm voice? Which do you prefer?
  • Changing Channels Activity – (Older students use Communication Activity) – Have students spread out on the mats around the room. Inform students that they will practice changing channels in their minds. Sit cross legged or lay on mats. Close eyes or keep a relaxed gaze in the space. Ask them to think about a time when they are playing outside. As memory of a past experience or what it would be like to play in present day. Inform them we are going to change channels. Now change channels and think about the most comfortable place to be on a cold winter day. Repeat several times giving various scenarios .
  • Relaxation – End with a positive relaxation – “Happy Place” They found in past relaxations is a great option to suggest. Reflection Questions (Small group, volunteers share in large group). What was this like for you? Did you enjoy this activity? How can changing channels be helpful?When can you use this?
  • Relaxation – Closing with Personal Journey Relaxation.
  • Cat/Cow – Flow through Cat/Cow – Inhale cow, exhale cat.

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