Population/Setting/Length: Grade 2, School Setting, 40 minutes

Plan Creation Date: 4/24/17

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening


  • Belly Breathing – Led by students using Hoberman Sphere and followed by compliments.
  • Pulse Count Students take pulse and note number.


  • Activate/Relax Walk/Archetype – combo game! –  Walk around room and stop when cued or when drumming stops.  Different sport-related actions were used (several generated by students prior to game) …playing soccer, baseball, tennis, swimming, football, etc.  Students walked to drum beat, then “played” the sports until told to “Freeze,” then continued to walk when drum started again and another verbal cue for the next sport was given.  Student drum leaders selected throughout.
  • Changing Channels  While sitting on the floor with eyes closed, students are asked to picture different scenarios in their minds…using their imagination.  They think about a scene for a 30 seconds or so, then a new “channel” is described.  Several examples are provided by teacher, then students are asked to change the channel for the group.


  • Volcano Breath – Find a seat on the floor where you are not touching others and have enough space to lie down.  Three Volcano Breaths while sitting cross-legged.  Two students lead at front of room.
  • Leg Stretches – While lying on the floor, students lift one leg at a time and stretch by holding thigh. 
  • Floor Twist – Lie on floor, knees to chest, drop to one side with arms extended.  Look over opposite shoulder.  Take a few belly breaths in this pose.
  • “One” Minute Exploration – Listen to soundtrack of nature sounds for 1-3 minutes.  Ask students to share what they were imagining when listening to the sounds.

Instructor:  Holly Cluff

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