Instructor: Laura Buske

Community: Grade 2, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: June 17, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:


  • Volcano Breath – stand with your feet planted to the earth. Bring your hands to your heart. Push up with your hands to the sky. Breath in. Breath out and pull your arms down the side of your body. Breath in extend your arms to the sky, breath out pull your arms down.
  • Pinwheel Breath – focus on moving the pinwheel. Listen to it move as you breath deep, slow smooth.


  • Twist – take your arms out to the side into a T, bring knees over to the left, and head to the right. Breathe into this twist. Gently draw knees center and over to the right keeping your shoulders down look to the left. Breathe here. Come back to center and hug knees into the body.
  • Roots – Stand with feet hip-width apart and pointing straight ahead like in mountain. Rock forward, backward and around in a circle. Make your circle smaller. Find your center. What do you notice about your body? What is it saying to you?
  • Play Yes/No game
  • Play Introduction Game – listen to your partner what are they saying.
  • Star – Stand and get into STAR – Move from STAR to –
  • Warrior I – Turn your foot to the circle, bend your knee and place it over the ankle. Bring your arms up to the sky and shine out through your heart. Turn back to STAR. Turn your foot away from the circle. Bend your knee and place it over your ankle. Come back to STAR; turn your foot to the circle. Step your left leg forward.
  • Forward Fold – fold your body over and touch the earth.
  • Child’s Pose – Come down to Child’s Pose – hug your body and relax.


  • Partner Breathing – Turn and sit back to back with a partner. Listen to their breath; can you sink your breathing with your partners?
  • Guided Relaxation – Listening. What do your ears hear? Focus on what you hear. What is your body telling your? Listen to your body what does it want to tell you today?

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