Instructor: Heidi Adamson-­Baer

Community: Grades 2, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: March 22, 2016

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Equipment  Needed:  Yoga  Mats

Lesson Plan:


  • Yoga Calm Ground Rules
  • Treat yourself like a King or Queen
  • No stepping on Mats with shoes
  • Respect each other’s space
  • Give it your best effort
  • Use Positive Self Talk: I am strong; I am in control, I can do it, I can be responsible
  • Instead of I can’t use: I am not ready for that or I haven’t learned that yet.


(Get students focused and self aware)

  • Review – Belly Breathing lying down on back x 5 – Hands are placed on the belly “Tune into your breath” What do you hear? What do you feel?


(Get them moving and activate their bodies and minds) Use language of alignment principles and listening. ​ Tuning into what the heart, mind, and body have to say.

  • Mountain​ -“Standing tall, strong, and confident.”
  • Upward Mountain – ​“Extend your arms and lift your hands and open your heart towards the sky.”
  • Forward Bend -”​Exhale, let your body settle and hang loose. Quickly scan your body and notice if you are holding anything tight. If so, try to soften that part of your body.”
  • Mountain – ​“Feel for the four corners of your feet.”
  • Warrior 1 – repeat on other side. ​“Stand strong in this pose. Stand strong for what you believe.” “​Make sure you continue to breathe, try not to hold your breath.”
  • Mountain – “​Return to mountain Standing tall, strong, and confident.”
  • Forward Bend – ”​Exhale, let your body settle and hang loose. Quickly scan your body and notice if you are holding anything tight. If so, try to soften that part of your body.”
  • Downward Dog – “​Press down into the earth through the four corners of the hands and feet.”
  • Repeat Flow above 2-3 times and then move to child’s pose.
  • Child’s Pose – “​Relax your neck, hips, and back. Sink into the earth. Let your head be heavy. Let’s focus on our breathing in this position. Is it steady & slow? Do you notice a pause between your breaths?”
  • Introduce Archetype Game – Follow directions on Page 105 of Yoga Calm Curriculum Guide. Use language of listening and paying attention to feelings and emotions. Before we begin ask students to pay attention to which characters are easy and natural for them and which ones are uncomfortable. Use some of the following Archetypes: The Trickster- the sneaky self; The Warrior- the fierce one; Prince or Princess- connecting with our sense of pride & elegance; Monster- or scary self; Angel- Kind and giving self; Clown- silly self; Courageous Explorer- facing adversity. After game, (with assigned partners so everyone gets a chance to share) ask students to share which archetypes were their favorites and which ones were difficult. Ask if there is anyone that is willing to share with whole group. Depending on time, call on one or a few volunteers to show their favorite archetypes to the entire class.


(Activity or process that allows them to rest, reflect, and integrate what they have learned)

  • Volcano Breaths – Sitting- Ask student to lead volcano breathing x 3
  • 1 Minute Exploration – either sitting or lying on back with eyes closed- ​“What was your favorite archetype/character from today’s lesson? What was it about that character that you enjoyed? Can you think of a time in your daily life when you might need to be that archetype/character? What would that look like, feel like?”

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