Instructor: Piper Paulish

Community: Grade 2 Classroom

Plan Creation Date: April 8, 2009

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:

  • Stillness – Belly Breathing. Listen to your breath inside your body, concentrate on feeling it move in and out your nose, down your throat, into your belly and then into your chest.
  • Strength and Grounding – Yoga pose flow: Begin with Sun Salutations, into Chair 15, add in Chair with a holding countdown from 10, Cat/Cow as a cool down. Volunteer leads.
  • Listening – Compliment game. Take three compliments from friends, look them in the eye and say Thank you.
  • Community – Mindful Snack: Gather beforehand and have student pick, or have each child bring or gather together an individual piece a beauty from nature that they can decorate their snacking area with. Serve a healthy, local/seasonal, organic snack in a beautiful way, sitting together in a circle, waiting until everyone has been served to eat. Pass food and discuss conscious eating and take turns discussing why they have chosen each pice of nature to decorate their personal area.

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