Instructor: Piper Paulish

Community: Grade 2 Classroom

Plan Creation Date: May 1, 2009

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:

  • Stillness – Volcano Breath. Pretend you are a volcano breath in and the lava flows upward, breath out and the lava spills outward onto the earth. Now pretend you are surrounded my other volcanos doing the same thing. You are a mountain range of volcanos gently erupting breath at the same time. Notice each other.
  • Strength, Community and Grounding – Tree Circle: Supporting trees in a forest. Discuss why it is important for trees to be together (roots, strength, encouragement to stand tall…). Add animals to test focus, strength and grounding!
  • Listening – One-minute exploration: Think of someone who helps you in your day. Someone who you are thankful for who helps you, but maybe your do not get to say thank you to them often enough. Now picture yourself surrounding them with thankfulness. How does this feel to you? How do you think they feel?
  • Community – Yes/ No Game: Negative verses Positive reinforcement. May need to play the Yes way one day and the No way the next day, depending on time. Always end each session with a brief discussion/comparison about how the Positive reactions felt/Negative reactions from the class made the person who was asked to go out of the room feel.

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