Population/Setting/Length: Grade 1, School Setting, 30-45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: 11/1/16

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness


  • Chime – Class will be seated at desks. Begin lesson using the chime to bring group together. Ring chime once to gather the attention of the group. Ring another time, and ask students to raise their hands when they no longer hear the sound of the chime.
  • Belly Breathing – Demonstrate proper breathing and proper posture for the group. Instructor will lead one round of breathing, and then student will lead the next.
  • Read Book – “The Quiet Book,” to students, and ask them what it means to be still. Have them share their responses. Have students stand like a superhero quietly for one minute.


  • Volcano Breath – Have students model Volcano Breath, using an intention, such as,”Be Kind to Each Other.
  • Chair Yoga – Guide students through basic Chair movements to include the following poses: Shoulder Rolls, Forward Fold, Twist right and left, and Crescent Moon right and left. Repeat series.
  • Mountain Sequence – Move students to an open space in the classroom. Have student stand in Mountain for 10-20 counts. Instructor can use a drum. Try other poses, such as Star, Chair, Dancer, and Tree.
  • Activate/Relax Walk – Move the group through the Active/Relax Walk, adding in poses from above. Instructor can move the group using a drum, and can use a student to assist or lead.
  • Modified Mountain Flow – Move students to the floor and guide them through a modified flow from Mat 20, which includes the following poses: Rock and Roll, Boat, Volcano Breath (repeating intention), Mountain, Upward Mountain, Forward Bend, Bent Knee Lunge-right leg back, Downward Dog, Bent Knee Lunge-left leg back, Downward Dog. Repeat three times, and let students assist with calling out the poses.


  • Belly Breathing – Have students sit on the floor or return to their seats. Ask a student to assist in leading a round of belly breathing. Turn on calming music.
  • Calm Voice – Guide students through the Calm Voice activity. Ask them to think about people in their lives who help them feel calm. Read the group the questions on the Calm Voice worksheet and ask them to share their responses.
  • Compliments – Ask students to share compliments about each other they observed throughout the lesson.
  • Relaxation – One Minute Relaxation which focuses on staying quiet and still.

Instructor: Jennifer Clearwaters

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