Instructor: Karah Spahn

Community: Grade 1, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 1, 2016

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Materials: Breathing Ball, Chime, Noise Machine (rain)

Lesson Plan:


  • Chime and Belly Breathing – Bell/ Ball: Listen to our helper count with the breathing ball. Give thanks and compliments.
  • Listening Activity – Using the noise machine, allow kids to listen to the sound of the rain while I ring the chime.
  • Mindful Moment – Imagine that you are in a safe, warm place, listening to the rain.  What does it sound like?  Who is with you?  How do you feel?
  • Sharing – After the chime, take a moment to share some student responses.  Ask them to listen to each other and share what they heard.


  • Pulse Count – Remind students how to do “pulse count”.  Can you listen to your heart? Is it fast or slow?
  • Spahn Stretch – Choose two helpers to lead Spahn Stretch: Mountain, Upward Mountain, Forward Fold, Arms out to sides & above, Crescent Moon (L, then R), Hands to heart. (Give thanks and compliments).
  • Pulse Count – Have students do 20-30 jumping jacks and then try to feel their pulse.  Is it fast or slow?
  • Calm Voice – We all have a calm voice inside.  Let’s try to use that calm voice and slow that pulse down a little.
  • Yoga Sequence – Cat/ cow, Downward Dog, Forward Fold for 5 seconds– (listen to your calm voice say “I am here.”), Mountain (listen to your calm voice say “I am strong”), Volcano Breath.  Ask students to share love for someone during volcano breath.  Listen to each other and feel their words in your heart.


  • Child’s Pose and Relaxation – Ask children to sit down in easy pose or child’s pose. Think about their calm voice. Using the drum, ask them to listen to the steady beat. Feel your own heart beat. Lie quietly on the floor and listen to the steady beat of the drum, feeling steady in your own body.

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