Instructor: Julia Peterson

Community: Grade 1, General Education Class, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: June 15, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Intention: Tune in to self and others, increased activity and time to focus

Class Environment: Basket with center focal point of mountain landscape or tree, Hoberman sphere

Lesson Plan:


  • Lion Breath – stand up by your desks and listen to the sound of your breath, now relax your face and practice making silly sounds and stretch your mouth out wide and stick out your tongue, now practice making silly sounds together as you move out to form a circle around your desks.  Are you noticing any differences or similarities?
  • Belly Breathing – while standing as a group facing inwards as a circle, select one student who will lead with the Hoberman sphere, and another counting off a selected number of breaths, then ask the group to give 5 compliments.
  • Mindful Moment – think about a time that things were really loud and silly and how you felt and how others felt, now think of a time where things were quiet and moving sounds together and how you and others felt, and imagine some ideas that could help.


  • Mountain – Imagine you are a tall mountain in the middle of a forest and with your feet digging deep into the ground and your eyes focused on the center, stand strong. Notice how your body feels and listen to the sounds around you.
  • Tree – now imagine you are a single tree in the forest and hold your right foot strong to the ground and see if you can slowly lift your left foot off the ground. Switch sides. Can you feel yourself standing strong or blowing in the wind?
  • Tree Circle – now imagine you and your friends are trees together in a forest supporting each other standing tall. How does it feel to have support of others?
  • Tree – now return back to the single tree and hold onto to the support you felt from listening and using your friends around you. Can you tune into your body and your friends?


  • Exploring Feelings Game – close your eyes and tell me where you feel angry, silly, sad, happy.
  • 5 Finger Breath – while breathing think of 5 things you could do to help you listen during class or school or at home when it is hard.

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