Instructor: Abby Bracke

Community: ???

Plan Creation Date: July 15, 2011

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community — To practice how to give and receive compliments and build the community of the group.

Setting the tone/creating a therapeutic environment: I will turn off the overhead lights and have the room lit by the natural light of the window. I will put soothing music on the classroom speaker system. I will place a sign on the door that states “Yoga Calm in progress. Please do not disturb.” I will have a long rope for use in the Compliment Game.

Lesson Plan:

Opening remarks: “Today we will practice giving and receiving compliments. We will do some cooperative partner poses as well.”

Breath Work: Back breathing — “When it’s your turn to lie in Child’s Pose, your partner will sit next to you and place their hands on your low back. See if you can make your partner’s hand rise and fall with your breath. Breathe in and out six times. Then switch spots.”

Partner Yoga Poses:

Shoulder Clock — “Remember to breathe in this pose. Synchronize your breath with your partner‘s.”

Partner Pull — “Just as there is give and take in friendship, allow the give and take of this pose to give you a deeper stretch.”

Partner Tree — “Intertwine your fingers just as roots of trees in the forest are intertwined. This gives you both the support you need to stand proudly.”

“Thank or compliment your partner before you return to your own mat.”

Social Emotional Activities: Game: Compliment Game

“What makes a good compliment?” — Eye contact, saying their name, making the compliment specific.

“What should you do when someone gives you a compliment?”

— Thank them and return their eye contact.

“Today we will play a game that will allow us to practice both giving and receiving compliments.” Give directions to the game (see Yoga Calm book, page 112).

As a practice round, teacher or Yoga Calm teacher should go into the center of the circle first. Then ensure that each student also receives a turn.

Book or curriculum idea used: Read a children’s story about how to give and receive compliments either prior to this lesson or during the discussion before playing the game. Here are some possible books to use:

Sticks and Stones by Carol Cummings

How Kids Make Friends: Secrets for Making Lots of Friends by Lonnie Michelle

Relaxation: Child’s Pose or Relaxation Pose

Mindful Moments Card — “Remember a time when you were with a friend and you laughed really hard. Who were you with? What made you laugh?”

Fetal Pose — “Slowly roll onto your right side. Take a couple more breaths and slowly come to a sitted position.”

“Share with someone sitting close by how it felt to give and receive compliments today.”

“I want to thank you for working together today as we practiced giving and receiving compliments. Your teamwork will help you have Peaceful Thoughts, Peaceful Words, and Peaceful Actions.”

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