Instructor: Lyndsay Morris

Community: Girls Group, 40-50 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 2, 2011

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:


Belly Breathing (four min.): One student leads with Hoberman Sphere, while another student counts the number of breaths. After the activity, students give compliments to the Breathing Ball leader and counter.

Pulse Count (five min.): Last group meeting we discussed listening to our bodies and our pulse. We talked about what stimuli create a difference in our pulse. We are going to check in with our bodies and see where we are at today. Find your pulse. Picture a big drum, drumming to the beat of your heart. Listen to your strong heart beating.

  • Discussion: Would anyone like to share their pulse and why they think there pulse in fast, slow, or regular?
  • Discussion: Today we are going to be talking about strength and why it’s important to be a strong girl/woman. We have talked about how to confront people, how to apologize, and the importance of carrying ourselves in a strong way. Today we are going to dive deeper into the importance of being strong and finding your strong voice.


Warrior 1 (five min.): Today we are going to be strong warriors. Please stand legs hip-width apart. Take the right leg back, placing the knee on the floor (bent-knee version), or take right foot back three to four feet with heel off the floor and straighten back leg (straight leg version). Move hips forward and slide the back leg back until front knee is right over the ankle. Take arms overhead, palms facing each other and fingers extending. Lift belly, head, and heart. Repeat on the other side. Listen to your strong body and access the strong voice in your body, when you feel like giving up.

  • Discussion: Why is it important to be strong?

Strong Voice (10-20 min.): Students lie down on mats and melt into the ground. Teacher reads Strong Voice Worksheet and students ponder their answers to the questions.

  • Students complete the Strong Voice Worksheet independently.
  • Discussion: Is anyone willing to share their answers?


Mindful Moment Card (three min.): Remember a time when someone said something very kind about you. Can you hear those words right now? Who was that person? Can you remember three good things people have said about you? Did these words make you feel strong? Think about the power of your words. 

Compliment Game (10 min.): Students gather around the compliment ball. One student goes into the ball, while all of the students take turns giving compliments to the student. Repeat until every student has had the opportunity to be in the compliment ball.

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