Instructor: Kate Somerville

Community: Elementary Ages, School Setting, 60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: March 21, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Lesson Plan:


  • Indoor Picnic – Put aside one large bowl of various fresh foods for each student in the group. Tell students they will be having an indoor picnic and present them with a colorful, large picnic blanket. Have them work together to spread the blanket on the floor. Have them work together to set their “table” with plates, napkins, cups of water. When the table is set, have students one by one pick a bowl of food and place it in the center of the blanket. Once everyone has placed a bowl down, begin passing the bowls and students serve themselves, being mindful to watch their portions so that there is enough for all (and maybe seconds). Once everyone has been served, begin the picnic.
  • Conversation Prompts – have they ever had a picnic indoors? Outdoors? with friends? Family? What makes picnics so fun? How do they feel about having a surprise picnic in place of more yoga pose/flow based class. Were there any favorite foods in the bowls


  • Yoga Calm Principles – Class clean up and return to their places on the blanket. Put white cardstock and markers/crayons in the center of the blanket. Go over the Yoga Calm principles and write them on a whiteboard. Give the kids a hard surface (clipboard, blank folder, book) and ask them to create Yoga Calm principle art work to decorate room.


  • Child Pose and Relaxation – One Minute Exploration – Plan an outdoor picnic with friends or family. Where would you go? What would you bring? Who would be there?

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