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Instructor: Blanca Raniolo

Community: Elementary Ages, School Setting, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: January 20, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Lesson Plan:


  • Review Ground Rules and Positive Self Talk – Before starting the class, the teacher will review the ground rules and positive self-talk posters. Review the rules in English and Spanish (bilingual environment). I am Strong, I am in control, “I can do it” and “I can be responsible”. Bring a student to read the rules and reflect how important and special they are. This class is completely Spanish immersed so that the students will learn new vocabulary about their body and mind. This class also provides the opportunity for the students to express their feelings, develop sensitivity, self- control and self- regulation.


  • Chime – Every student has a yoga mat, they set up on the room. They know the routine they must close their legs, calm body, quiet and waiting for teacher instruction. I ring the Zenergy chime bell to start the Yoga Calm session. Note: the student listening the sound and raise their hand when the sound disappear. I turn on a nice music (yoga) and starting relaxing our neck, head and shoulder.
  • Hoberman Sphere Belly Breathing – the teacher demonstrate how to breath in and out and pass along to all the students. One minute exploration: how important is to breath in our life and why. Before the activation, I will tell them “I am going to introduce one of the principles of Yoga Calm ‘‘The Grounding’’. In order to help students to develop imagination and connect them to mountain themes, I will project on the screen a picture of beautiful mountains, with lake and eagles flying around it.


  • Mountain – Stand with feet hip-width apart, pointing straight ahead, and press them down in to the earth. Hand can be alongside the body, or palms together at heart. Lift belly, head, and heart. Shoulders are back and down. Look straight ahead. Body is activated (firmed toward the center line). They can imagine the mountains, eagles flying because they will see the projector on.
  • Alternate Arm/ Leg Kicks – on their own yoga mat come to all fours with hands under shoulders and knees under hips. Stretch right leg straight back and point toes down. Hips and leg are level with floor. Now, lift and lengthen left arm, with thumb pointing up. Look slightly down, lift belly, and strengthen from top of head to tail. Keep hips and body still for 5 to 10 seconds. Extended legs and arm stay horizontal and parallel to floor. Switch, lifting left leg and right arm.
  • Arm Swings – From standing, inhale and turn palms outward and raise your arms out to side and then overhead. Exhale and lower your arm back to your sides. Let the movement of your arms follow your breath. See slowly and smoothly you can move, like an eagle flying in slow. Use positive self -talk all the time to the up and down movement I can do it, I can be responsible.
  • Eagle – From standing, bend knees slightly. Lift your leg off the floor and cross your left knee tightly over right knee. Hug your foot into the shin or hook the toes of your left foot behind your right calf. (the teacher shows as a model). We repeat the other side. While in the pose I ask the students imagine that they are an eagle flying on the top of the mountain and open your winds.
  • Tree – invite students to keep stand with legs and feet together. Shift your weight onto the left foot. Slowly bend right knee and draw the right foot up, placing the sole as high as possible on the inner leg without strain. Activate your body and press standing legs down, rooting yourself like a tree to the earth. Press palm together in front of heart to help with balance, switch leg. I play the drum 10 beats and try the pose with the eyes closed.
  • Roots – Invite the students to stand with feet hip-width apart and pointing straight ahead. Rock forward and back with body activated (firm and straight) and feet firmly on the floor. Make the rocking movement smaller and smaller until your balance on the center of your feet. Now rock side to side and then slowly return to the center. Begin making big circles to the right. Make big circles on the left now. Then make circles smaller until back at center. I ask the students to do the same activity with eyes closed.


  • Mindful Moment Card – Invite one student to read aloud a card on Community. Ask all the students take a moment to reflect about the statement closing their eyes and share…
  • Relaxation – Ask them to sit and lie on their yoga mat and relax. Turn on a relaxing music and ask them to relax their body and close their eyes if they want to.
  • Belly Breathing – Practice noise breathing. As them to imagine they complete their goal and think of something you really want to do. We talk about the benefit and how they feel after the activity. Share feeling and comments.
  • At the end, I ask the students to line up quietly and ready to go to their classroom.

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