Population/Setting/Length: Elementary Ages, Home or School Setting, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: 3/1/17

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Gtrength


  • Belly Breathing – with Ball. Teacher led, student counting for 5 breaths. Student led, student counting with student choice of 5-10 breaths. Compliments.
  • Principle Discussion – Introduce the word Strength and have the children share what they believe Strength is.  Discuss
  • Volcano Breath – seated. Children will choose the color of their lava. Teacher led, Student Counter for 5 counts. Teacher gives compliments to student counter. Student led, student counter for 5 counts. Compliments.
  • Introduce Drum – have students practice drumming gently on their mats, following the beat of the drum.  Let students know I am watching to see if there are any students that will be able to drum and lead some drumming activities today.
  • Cat/Cow – Introduce Cat/Cow, Exhale for Cat, Inhale for Cow.  Choose a drummer to hold a 4 count beat.  4 counts for Cat, 4 counts for Cow for a total of 4 cat/cow.


  • Boat – Introduce Boat. Discuss how strong and active our bodies feel in boat pose. Choose drummer for a 4 count beat.  Hold for 4, release for 4 for a total of 4 boat poses.
  • Mountain to Upward Mountain – Children will stand, focusing on grounding our feet like roots of a tree.  We feel strong.  Hand at our hearts, bodies are active like a superhero. Slowly raise hands straight up, sending laser beams out of our fingertips. Student Drummer, 4 counts hands at heart, 4 counts arms shooting upward for a total of 4 mountain/upward mountain.
  • Forward Bend – Introduce Forward bend
  • Active/Relax Game – Focus on walking to the beat of a drum strong and active like a superhero.  Children stop and relax when drum stops. Children take turns leading drum active/relax. Compliments.
  • Warrior – Step right leg back and Introduce Warrior I, show children how to lower knee.  We feel strong and brave like a warrior.  Choose student drummer. Knee down for count of 4. Back up to warrior 1 for 4. Total of 4 counts.
  • Downward Dog – Step back to Downward Dog.
  • Plank to Cobra – Introduce Plank to Cobra, focusing on hissing sound. Student Drummer hold plank for 4, lower down for 4, cobra for 4.  Total of 4.
  • Downward Dog
  • Warrior – Left leg back, Warrior I to knee.  Strong and brave like a warrior.  Student drummer for 4 counts, total of 4.
  • Forward Bend
  • Chair – Introduce Chair. Student Drummer hold for 4 to mountain hands at heart for 4. Total of 4.
  • Compliments – Lots of compliments, that was hard work!!!


  • Pulse Count
  • Twist
  • Relaxation – Guided Meditation – Boat Ride

Instructor:  Michelle Finley

Drum Theme

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