Population/Setting/Length: Elementary Ages, Home or School Setting, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: 3/1/17

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening


  • Belly Breathing – With Ball – 5 Breaths with Student Counting. Student Leads with Ball for 5-10 breaths, another student counts. Leader gives counter compliments, students give leader compliments.
  • Theme and Principle Discussion – Today we are going to be great explorers and go on a journey, we are going to explore a tropical jungle.  What makes a great explorer?  (Listen, discuss)  Do you think an explorer needs to have good listening skills?  Discuss Listening.
  • Pulse Count – 30 seconds, student leader keeps track of start and stop time.
  • Pulse Count, Attention Challenge – 30 seconds, student leader keeps track of start and stop time.  Teacher tries to distract the children by clapping, jumping, moving through and around the room.  Ok explorers, were you able to hold your focus and listen to your heartbeat?  Xxxx, I noticed that you were very focused, what did you do to keep your focus?  Does anyone else want to share what they did to focus on the sound of their heartbeat? Alright explorers, as we enter the tropical jungle, the first thing we see is a giant mountain.  As we get closer we see that the giant mountain is also a volcano.
  • Volcano Breath – Spread your arms wide and bring your hands to your heart.  Volcano Breath 2 -3 counts.  Explorers, pick a color and imagine that color in your mind.  Now as we practice volcano breath, imagine that the lava that is shooting out of the volcano is the color you choose. Volcano Breath with color surrounding the explorers for 3-5 counts.  Now as we travel on through the jungle, we notice that we are completely covered in the color we chose.  We notice that this colored lava makes us feel strong and safe in our bodies, we know that this magical colored lava is protecting us on our journey.  As we continue on our journey, we come to a dense part of the jungle with gigantic trees.  The first thing we notice about these trees are the roots of these majestic trees.  They are so strong and powerful that they come up from the earth and then back into the earth.


  • Roots – As we stand underneath these majestic trees, we plant our feet into the earth and feel the strength of the earth holding us to the ground.  We imagine that we are one of these giant, majestic trees with our roots planted strongly in the ground.  Our bodies are strong, activated and are covered in our magical colored lava.  The wind begins to blow us forwards and backwards and then left to right. We listen to the wind as it blows us left and right. We close our eyes and focus on our strong roots as the wind begins to gently swirl us in a circle.  The wind shifts and we circle in the other direction. As the wind stops, we feel our strong roots and we listen to the the sounds of the forest.  Pause for 10-15 seconds. Does anyone want to share what sounds they heard in the forest?
  • Tree – As we continue to explore these majestic trees, we look up and notice how tall and strong these trees are and we begin to wonder what it would be like to be a tree as strong and majestic as these trees are.  Let’s practice a balancing pose. Tree Pose, foot on calf for count of 5 (switch legs). I wonder if trees are stronger by themselves or are they stronger in a forest together?  Everyone come together in a circle.
  • Tree Circle – Start with both feet planted. Foot on calf for 5 seconds, switch.
  • Tree Circle with Storm – Foot on calf or give option to move foot to thigh for more of a challenge.  Storm, Stillness, Storm, Stillness…
    As the storm passes, we notice that some animals have come out to find food.  What animals do you think we would see in a tropical jungle?  Xxxx and Xxxxx, would you be animals in the forest and try to distract us?
  • Animals in a Forest – 2 children become animals, distract trees, children have the option of foot on calf or on thigh.  Switch distractors and switch legs. Does anyone want to share what strategies they used to not be distracted by the animals?
  • Tree Challenge I – Children separate, become trees standing alone.  Hands at heart and foot at calf.  2 distractors.  Switch distractors and feet.
    As we travel through the great, majestic forest, we begin to hear the sounds of water flowing.  We can’t see the water, but we can hear it flowing and we know it must be close.  With the sound of the water getting closer, we come to a tree that has fallen.  We can tell it is a tree that is made of very strong wood, the kind of wood that would be perfect for a boat.  We know that this tree will make a perfect boat to float down the river in.  We have brought along an axe that will be perfect for hollowing out the log to make a strong and sturdy boat.
  • Woodchopper – Total of 5-10 Woodchoppers, focusing on the “huh” sound.  What beautiful boats we have made out of the strong log, we are grateful for the tree that has fallen and given us the wood to make this boat that is perfect for crossing the river that we now hear and see right ahead of us.  We carry our boats to the river and carefully climb in.
  • Boat Pose – Hold back of legs, and hold for 15 seconds as we float down the river.  The river is getting a little rough, but we know our boats are strong and we are still covered in our magical lava, so we know we are safe.  We can hear the water splashing and hitting the sides of our boats as we stretch one leg out, then the other.  Try to hold for 15 seconds on each side.


  • Twist – Explorers, you have been so brave and have been such wonderful listeners as we explored this beautiful tropical forest.  The river is calm now and has led you into a peaceful lake, you lie back and bring your knees to your chest. Stretch your arms out and bring your knees all the way over to the left, look right.  Back to center, switch.  Now lie flat on your backs as your feel the strength of your boat underneath you.
  • Relaxation – Read Relaxation Script, The Boat Ride, with variations including sights from our jungle exploration.

Instructor: Michelle Finley

Explorer Theme

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